How we became involved with Mfula Store...

Mfula Store - Valley
                    of 1000 Hills eco-tourism, accommodation &

During 2008, while seconding friends on the Non-stop Dusi, John and Gill Graaf met the then proprietor of Mfula Store, Mr Christopher Gwala on the bridge crossing the Umngeni River at Mfula Store.

After metting Mr Gwala, John and Gill used the Store as a base for mountain biking and paddling in the Valley of 1000 hills. As a result, they got to know him quite well. Mr Gwala mentioned that, due to the lack of residents in the area, the trading store was not profitable, and he wished to sell. John then remarked, tongue and cheek, "Maybe you must sell it to me."

While tripping in the area during December 2009, John enquired about Mr Gwala and was informed that he had recently passed away.

Upon enquiring about the future of the store, John was surprised to be told that it was to be sold. Mr Gwala had told his family that the sale to John was a done deal!

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