Bright Futures Pre-school was established in November 2013. In a rural area like Mfula Store, children struggle academically and lack basic problem solving skills as a result of poor early childhood development. In an effort to combat this problem, a pre-school was set up to better equip the local children for future education. 

A local lady, Hlengiwe "Precious" Mncube, volunteered for the position of pre-school teacher.After 6 weeks of assisting at a preschool in Hillcrest, she began working with a couple of the local children. As the pre-school was established during the year, there were not many children.

The pre-school is no longer operating as the children that were educated here now attend a local preparatory school. Due to the experience gained from the pre-school, Precious has been interviewed for a position at a pre-school in Hillcrest.
precious and kids

preschool 1